“What you are doing? this is not matter!! How you present yourself in the world, this is the matter..

Especially today, when human can contacts each another in a second from arround the world!! — Md. Arman Siddiqi Shovon, Founder & Chairman


MAHAVIN Bd LLC (www.mahavinbd.com) is online base company who established their retail and wholesale business in Online. MAHAVIN is a Local Brand of Higher Standard products and services with a strong background of 5 years. Mahavin Bd started a retail and wholesale business in online shop by name of mahavinbd.com with 100% Genuine & Imported products. We are dedicated to provide our service and sales in online to Bangladeshi people. We are very committed to maintain our product quality. Trustworthy you can be shopping with us.



MAHAVIN Bd is aiming to be the iconic and trusted cloth brand name in on clothing industry of Bangladesh. We are committed to providing the best quality products at best price and absolute products towards our valued customers.


MahavinBd welcomes the opportunity to become your wearing cloths partner and is ready to provide you the Highest Branded cloths of Bangladesh.


Management Team
Name DesignationEmailMobile
Md. Arman Siddiqi ShovonFounder & Chairmanshovon450@yahoo.com, authority@mahavinbd.com --
Robiul Hossen ArifDirectorarif@mahavinbd.com--
Md. Mahabubur Rahman Chief Advisor, Legal & Act----
Anowar Hossen Chief Advisor, Development & Idea ----
Jahanara Begum Advisor----
Parvin AktherAdvisor----
Rajia Sultana (Sumiya)Associates & Partner----
Faiza Tarin Samira Associates & Partner----